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IT Support HelpDesk

If you have a small business of under 5 people without in-house servers and require someone you can call on to support you when you are facing issues then our Helpdesk contract will be perfect peace of mind that you have assistance when you need it.  Our multi lingual IT support technicians will answer you calls and resolve issues quickly though our advanced remote support systems.  If problems cannot be resolved remotely then we can dispatch field engineers to make visits as required.

PartTime IT Support Contract

We can support your growing SME with a part time support contract that will give you a solid foundation to grow your business without worrying about IT functionality.  Our engineers will be on call to maintain your systems on a routine basis.  Our senior staff will ensure that you're IT is kept up to date and competitive with sound relevant strategic advice and implementation.

ManPower IT Outsourcing Contract

If you are large organization or multinational with over 50 users and have an IT strategy directive from your Head Office you can work with FunctionEight on a full time basis, outsourcing all or part of your IT demands.  We can flex our support to cope with periods of high demand or project implementation to ensure that you only incur a cost for IT support when you really need it.   This allows you to focus on your core business and reduce your overhead whilst still ensuring you have regular and emergency IT support for your business.

Fully Customised CMS Web Development

When it comes to Web Based Software and WebSite Development in Singapore, FunctionEight’s first priority is to listen to your website requirements and then deliver exactly that! With fully customizable and editable Content Management Systems (iCMS), your website project can be built and improved in-house for most changes and updates. We can provide the entire solution, including business workflow solutions, application development and installation, to supplying creative and innovative designs or implementing a design you’ve sourced elsewhere.

Disaster Recovery

In 2012 Singapore, 80% of businesses that suffer a critical data loss are closed within 2 years.  F8 can tailor and implement a robust business continuity and disater recovery plan that can cover a a whole host of scenarios.  Typically this could include office fires, lockouts or email and file server failures. We can produce a DR plan that is cost effective and affordable and covers those IT services that are critical for your business.  Call us today to discuss how we can support your company to implement business continuity. FunctionEight Pte Ltd. Singapore (65) 6345 5880

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  • IT for under 5 users
  • IT for under 50 users
  • IT for over 50 users
  • Website and Software Development
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Our FunctionEight code of conduct sets out the standards which we expect to achieve in our relations with clients, suppliers, employees, colleagues, competitors and to the communities where we conduct business. In essence we strive to operate our business in an open, honest and fair manner both inside and outside our company. Our CSR policies include the offer of our services at reduced rates for nonprofit organizations and reducing our environmental impact through paperless initiatives and energy saving office environments.
“By always living our code of ethics we have been fortunate to receive the Caring Company award for 3 consecutive years now. We received recognition for this award through our association with the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and received acknowledgement for volunteering, giving, mentoring, caring for the employee and caring for the environment. We also received the 2010 HSBC Living Business Award for recognition for outstanding employment practices within the SME market.”
In the beginning FunctionEight started by developing workflow systems for the construction sector that were entirely web based. The FunctionEight name was the result of a moment of creative genius and a few red wines. The F1 or the Function 1 key on a computer traditionally means “help”, and that was where the idea for our name began. We combined this idea with the number 8, which the Hong Kong and Chinese consider to be a lucky number. In the IT world F8 the Function 8 key is for starting up in "safe mode". Since that time, the name has stuck and we believe our proactive IT services mean you won’t ever need to use of the F8 key!
  • Tranzsoft
  • Propella
  • Pacnet IT Support Solutions
  • Senco HK
  • IBM
  • Dell IT Outsourcing Partner
  • Asia Pay
  • Ecologomain
  • Watchguard
  • Wharf
  • Execounsel
  • Pepperd
  • NetPro
  • CNCF
  • SEO


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