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Are your IT systems a 'good walk spoiled'?

A company's information technology (IT) set-up is a bit like golf - never as efficient as we would like. Regardless of your sport or your business (whether you play golf or not) you can always improve your game by making better use of technology to save you time, cut costs, grow your enterprise and improve your communications.

Mark Twain once described a bad round of golf as 'a good walk spoiled'. Interestingly, very few golfers pay attention to the technology that goes into the different makes of golf ball available, failing to identify which ball best complements his or her clubs, style of play and swing. So, a badly chosen ball can spoil a good walk.

In the same way, better use of technology that fits your particular business needs will do wonders for your business success. FunctionEight offers clear solutions and easy to use tools to grow your business efficiencies and productivity.

Are you playing broken telephone with your business?

A client recently approached FunctionEight - a TOTAL SOLUTIONS information and communications technology company - with a request to make the company's IT infrastructure more efficient, stable and productive.

FunctionEight, being a company that caters for all your IT requirements from support services and application development to web hosting, discovered that the company had multiple offices and was communicating with those offices only by conventional telephone and email - sometimes sending huge files.

Now this may seem perfectly reasonable, but with the technology we have today... it really wasn't.

Not only was the company compromising its 'security', but this fragmented form of communication exposed the business to broken telephone syndrome - miscommunication, lack of records and poor tracking of the business process.

As part of the solution, FunctionEight developed an intranet for the company which not only kept their business processes secure, but allowed multiple access to documents, common project tracking, instant communication and easily retrieved records.

When you work with FunctionEight you will receive:

  • Cost effective, practical solutions tailored made to your business needs;
  • Functional use of the internet - the web is better used as a tool than as a brochure rack;
  • Flexible, responsive IT support;
  • Transparent pricing - you will know what you are in for and FunctionEight can adapt to your needs as you go;
  • A team of professionals from wide backgrounds who understand your needs and can translate these into practical solutions;
"The paperless office which includes a document control service and a drawing control service has worked extremely well. It allows a wide range of staff to have access to correspondence and other information on-line via an intranet services and thereby does away with the need for unnecessary printing and handling of hard copies of documents. "

"Your company's professional approach in listening to our needs and then providing a system that fully met our needs was very refreshing."

- Philip J. Hattersley, Project Director MWH Consultants (S) Pte Ltd


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