Are you in need to move all your emails and folders to a new account?  To change to a new email provider? or from Google to Office 365?  Here in Function Eight we can provide you the services to copy emails into any account server base.

Have you every spend hours of your time copying all emails in between accounts?  Instead save alot of your precious time and let FunctionEight help you migrate your Emails at a low lost.   The migration will no affect any emails from old to new, the process will be fast and secure.  And if you are no sure about letting us use your computer manually, instead we can work from the Cloud to access old and new accounts to automatically migrate your emails with no interruption or downtime.



What would you get from Email Migration

  • Safe Process
  • Fast Process
  • Cloud Control for Migration
  • Fixed Low Price
  • All Emails Transferred 
  • All Folders Transferred
  • 0 Duplicates
  • Managed Services 

FunctionEight are here to listen!