Singapore Office Relocation Service

FunctionEight provides IT office relocation services for all kinds of office spaces. We’ve set up new regional offices for large companies based overseas, small offices for the first-time for start-ups and everything in between. Our experienced project managers and engineers will take care of the whole process including: 

  • Planning & project management
  • IT equipment relocation
  • Physical packing & protection
  • Disconnection & reconnection
  • Organized cable procedure
  • Arranging transportation
  • Specialized server room protocol

It’s unfortunately not as simple as unplugging and re-plugging of cables when relocating an office. There’s plenty to think about during an office move, from the grand scheme of how things should be set-up, to small details such as whether you will keep your existing phone numbers. We work closely with the movers who take the fridge and the office plant, to ensure that all equipment is packed securely and handled with care.

Checklist to get started with your Singapore office relocation.

1. Start the planning for your office relocation early.  

For an office with less than 80 staff, the IT planning should usually be started 3-5 months in advance, with onsite activity starting 2 weeks before. It could be much longer, though, depending on the readiness of the new office site. The shorter timeline you give yourself and your contractors, the more stressful the project will be and most likely the higher the price will be.

2. Assign an internal responsible person (Project Leader) for your office relocation. 

Be aware that it will likely be more time-consuming than you expect to lead an office relocation project. For this reason, evaluate if the person chosen truly has the time needed in their schedule. If time allows, best would always be to setup a team to manage different aspects of the office relocation (Office Manager, HR Manager, Operations Manager etc.).

3. Contact relevant parties for your office relocation and make them aware that you are moving.

– Your IT team

– Clients and partners

– Insurance provider

– Bank

– Telephone provider

– Accounts departments

– Internet service provider

4. Consider whether this could be a good timing to streamline (simplify) your IT setup. 

Some companies use an office move as an opportunity to evaluate their hardware, and evaluate what should be kept, replaced and upgraded. If you have been thinking about migrating to the Cloud you can consider including this in the project. However, the server migration should be seen as a separate project that should be scheduled way before the physical move to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Please contact our team and allow us to guide you through the rest. As mentioned, we have extensive experience helping all kinds of businesses in Singapore to setup/relocate their offices.

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