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Chris Young

Chris Young

Chris Young

Sales Director

“I was so impressed I bought the company”

These words may have been true for Victor Kiam when he tried a Remington shaver but they were certainly also the case for me when I had the good fortune to work with Martin and Phil when they took over management of my firms IT support.

I was struck with the knowledge, passion and innovation they used to tackle each issue. FunctionEight had the ability to get me to understand the problems and participate in the decision making. This is not easy in a highly technical field. So when the opportunity presented itself to become part of the team and play my own part in its development it was an easy decision to take.

With my 20 years experience in contract food service many found it a strange step down the career path but as I have explained, on many an occasion, when I ran restaurants I did not know how to cook so why should managing a technology provider be any different. The focus in both these businesses is to listen to and understand the customer’s needs and ensure the firms resources and capabilities are deployed sufficiently to meet and exceed the customer expectations.

I am passionate about customer service and the customer experience. With my own experience and over the last four months I am starting now to understand what our client’s value most from us and I look forward to implementing some tools to help us measure and improve customer satisfaction.

My role as Sales Director will be in business development and more importantly in client retention. I’m hoping to add value in the way we communicate and interact with our customers and in bringing my experience in managing outsourced services to increase the range and scope of support we bring to our customers businesses.

IT as an outsourced service is sometimes difficult for a client to classify as a non core competence. In many cases communications are so critical to our clients that even a short failure can prove extremely costly. This high expectation sets the benchmark for service delivery extremely high for our technical support staff and I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead.

I started my career many years ago working in food service at a Safari Park in the UK. Having been offered a 6 month contract to work at Ocean Park in 1995 I moved to Hong Kong where I spent 12 happy years before moving to Singapore in 2007. I have an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.