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Phil Aldridge

Phil Aldridge

Phil Aldridge

Technical Director

Why the 'missing link' is key to IT success

High expectations from the client are part and parcel of any service industry, but when that is combined with a Managing Director that raises the bar with every client presentation, expectations become more and more challenging.

"My boss takes the philosophy that 'what can be imagined can be achieved', and making sure that we keep those promises is what makes my job all the more fun"

Technical Director Phil Aldridge is the man at FunctionEight who is charged with turning the dreams, concepts and wants of clients - and sometimes his MD - into technical reality.

For somebody who has climbed to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro ( Tanzania ) to raise HK$2 million for the Christina Noble Children's Foundation, you might think that Phil views few challenges as beyond him, and you would be right.

Put simply. Phil's role at FunctionEight is to analyse client requirements - whether they be for infrastructure installations, online solutions or simply a website - and then turn those into a format the company's staff can work with.

"I then assist and monitor the process through to delivery and post delivery support. Everyone's work in the team is critical to our company and our clients' success - each individual plays a specific role and together as a team we aim to deliver a solution or service that exceeds our client's expectations, and we often do."

Phil is credited with a very good business analytical mind that comes from working with various clients who often are not sure exactly what they are looking for.

"Part of the process is helping our clients to determine exactly what it is they want or need for their business, and that comes down to experience and asking the right questions."

With the company since 2002, Phil's biggest buzz still comes from passing on positive feedback and praise from clients to his staff once a project has been achieved.

"I also enjoy seeing the look in our clients' eyes when they say: 'Really, can you do that.?'"

Phil's primary passion in life is his family, although English football runs a close second.

"All my spare time is occupied with looking after my children and to be honest I cannot think of a better way to spend my time and also get fit at the same time - children can be very demanding physically."

Like Martin, Phil's IT career has its roots in the construction industry.

"Twenty years ago I started working in architecture and being the youngest in the firm I was the one singled out to learn about the new computer systems for CAD - I eventually ended up IT manager for the firm as their computer networks expanded."

"Ten years ago I broke away from the construction industry, so my experience is very general and no longer industry specific."

Ask to define what's different about FunctionEight, Phil has no hesitation is singling out the company's pro-active business model.

"When competitors are mostly concerned with putting out fires, we actively maintain the infrastructure so that it does not go wrong. That's where our competitive edge comes in for the IT Support side of the business"

"Martin and I work as a team to identify client needs and develop solutions to enhance client efficiency and streamline their business, to give them better access to new markets and revenue streams.

"Once we know a client's business model, I can develop an IT infrastructure to meet their needs and budget, and it will be one that can expand as the client grows."

Phil's formula for success?

Exceed your clients expectations without fail.