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FunctionEight will get you into the first page of Google Hong Kong within 180 days … guaranteed.

Because we have been there and done that ourselves, we know that if you want to get a minimum top 10 Google ranking for your website in the next 180 days, you need an SEO company that:

  • Guarantees a top 10 ranking
  • Optimises the most difficult sites in the most competitive markets
  • Gets you your top 10 rating faster than anyone else.
"We were outside the first 100 results on Google Hong Kong. Within 2 months we were in the top three for all our keywords."

How FunctionEight shot to the top of Google in two months

FunctionEight’s core expertise is helping your business manage and maintain its IT requirements so that you don't have to hire in-house IT staff.

Search Engine Optimisation is also one of the areas where we excel, aided by the fact that we have in-house web developers who are skilled at making your website SEO friendly. By doing that, your website naturally comes up in the Google search results.

But that isn’t always enough to get you a top Google ranking, which is why FunctionEight started working with a New Zealand-based SEO company, A+ Search Engine Marketing.

A+ Search Engine Marketing is a specialist SEO company with experience in optimising hundreds of websites and getting them into the top three (and higher) ranking on Google.

FunctionEight started working with A+ Search Engine Marketing in August 2010 and, based on extensive keyword research, they recommended five keywords for our site to start with. After discussing the keyword options with us, we decided to use 'IT Support', 'IT Outsourcing' and 'Web Development' as our top three, because they reflect FunctionEight’s core service offerings. These were also the keywords that had the highest number of searches per month.

In addition, 13 SEO recommendations were created specifically for the FunctionEight website, including additional strategies that we could take advantage of, which were tailor made around our portfolio of client websites.

Ranking improvement due to On Page Optimisations

We got to work, implementing 13 recommended On Page Optimisations SEO strategies.

On Page Optimisation is an important part of SEO, and relates primarily to changes made on your website (i.e 'On the Page') rather than outside your website. One of A+ Search Engine Marketing’s suggestions was an On-Page Optimisation tip for the FunctionEight site, which involved adding more content to the homepage.

Once the 13 strategies were implemented, we saw an immediate improvement in our Google ranking, reaching the top 10 on Google Hong Kong for the 'IT Support' and 'IT Outsourcing' keywords.

The 'Web Development' keyword search result was still outside the top 10, reflecting the higher competition for this keyword.

Raising the bar with the help of Off Page Optimisation

On Page Optimisation is often the quickest and easiest way to improve your search engine ranking. But because many websites have already used basic search engine optimisation strategies, improvement is often limited by simply employing On Page Optimisation.

Off Page Optimisation takes you to the next level. Essentially it means getting links from other sites to point to the your own business’s. A+ Search Engine Marketing got the ball rolling by building links from their network of sites to the FunctionEight one.

Within 45 days, the FunctionEight site had moved into the top three spots for 'IT Support' and 'IT Outsourcing', with 'Web Development' in the top five search results.

By October 2010, just two months after the SEO programme with A+ Search Engine Marketing had begun, the FunctionEight site was number one for 'IT Support' and 'IT Outsourcing', superseding all our competitor’s sites as well as Wikipedia, which often dominates the global Google search rankings.

FunctionEight also ranks number three for 'Web Development' behind Wikipedia and a competing website, which we have firmly set in our sights!

The next frontier is to grow traffic through new keywords

Building on FunctionEight’s success of attaining the number one ranking for two of our keywords, we’re adding new keywords to maximise the amount of traffic coming to our website.

In line with A+ Search Engine Marketing’s recommendation to restrict SEO to only three keywords per webpage, another sub-page will be used to optimise three new keywords, namely:

  • IT Company
  • IT Services
  • Computer Support

Currently FunctionEight ranks outside the top 100 for 'IT Company' and 'IT Services' and in the top 70 for 'Computer Support'. With the On Page SEO strategies about to be implemented, we'll keep you up to date with the latest improvements in the ranking as the SEO programme continues.

What sets A+ Search Engine Marketing apart?

The SEO experts at A+ Search Engine Marketing clearly have the expertise to optimise Hong Kong sites for Google. How?

A+ Search Engine Marketing are SEO specialists, focused solely on getting their clients to the top 10 (and higher) on Google.

Three differences with A+ Search Engine Marketing set them apart:

1. Speed to reach first page

A+ Search Engine Marketing has the experience of optimising over 200 websites. They have the team and the connections to get your website ranking on the first page faster than anyone else. Their track record speaks for itself, boasting an average time of 92 days to reach the first page, with many websites taking less than two months.

2. The top 10 guarantee

The words 'We'll give it a go' aren't part of the A+ Search Engine Marketing vocabulary. They guarantee to get you into the first page of Google within 180 days, or they will continue to work on your website for free. After optimising 78 client websites, there isn’t one that has taken longer than 5 months.

3. No keyword is too difficult

No matter how competitive your market is, A+ Search Engine Marketing can get your website onto the first page of Google. Even if you want to ranking highly in ultra competitive markets like insurance, mortgage broking, property investment or foreign exchange, A+ Search Engine Marketing can get you to the top within 6 months, guaranteed.

Similar SEO results could be yours

Get your website onto the first page of Google within the next 6 months.

We can put you in touch with the SEO Experts and A+ Search Engine Marketing, so contact FunctionEight today on (852) 2868-2855 for a free SEO phone consultation about your website.